Stand Up 4 Democracy and Fix It Now!

This website is an idea 'under construction'! Please check back to watch the development!

Our Representative Democracy is in trouble!  

A grassroots effort is required to fix our broken and dysfunctional 'political and economic systems'!

In the last 35 years, extreme economic inequality has led to extreme political inequality (or vice versa) favoring the wealthy corporate elite. It has become a vicious cycle which is swirling out of control.

We have elections but 'We the People' are not in control. Our government is 'of, for, and by the wealthy corporate elite'.  A recent study (HERE) supports that conclusion. A
 TED talk (HERE) by Lawrence Lessig makes the point that our political and economic systems are corrupt.

We must change the system and reclaim our representative democracy so we have a fighting chance to solve our many problems like climate change, economic inequality, racial injustice, rising poverty, etc.  

We need to come together and continue building a strong Democracy Movement. The goal is a government is 'of, for, and by We the People'. 

The Idea:

Start 'Stand Up 4 Democracy' Working Groups in all 435 congressional districts in the country! This group of hundreds, hopefully thousands, of informed and involved citizens in each district will educate about and lobby for ideas which will fix our broken representative democracy. Page 5 has more details.


The website 'Stand Up 4 We the People' (HERE) is a resource which discusses our 'democracy problem' in detail and why we must fix it!


It starts with growing a large group of informed and involved group of Stand Up 4 Democracy activists. Each might list a different issue as most their most important, but they all realize we must fix corrupt and dysfunctional political system first.

2. Become a 435 Activist!  See page 5 for more.

Although most people have busy lives, this repair effort is essential if we believe in government 'of the people, by the people, and for the people'.