10. Wristbands 4 Justice

The Idea:
Wristbands 4 Justice is a small way to stand up for our values in a public way! Issue groups can easily have wristbands made with a message that states their values. Groups working on economic justice, environmental justice, racial justice, gender justice, immigration justice, good government justice and social justice issues of all kinds can participate in this effort.  It will not, and should not, replace other important work but it will help build solidarity, determination, and resolve. People will see others standing up which will inspire them to publicly stand up for what is important to them.

This can be a small part of a larger movement to build up - not tear down!

There are many online sites which sell wristbands. I use RapidWristbands. Find one that suits you. Pick a short statement that works for your group and get your wristbands out there. 


The next 4 years will be difficult  for many of us who want to build a more inclusive and progressive democratic society which stands up for justice 4 all.

The way the new administration is shaping up is a cause for concern. However, these times present an opportunity to mobilize and stand up for our values. As the saying goes, 
"Don't Agonize, Organize!"

Another saying that comes to mind at this time is, 
"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."  We the People have to let everyone know where we stand and what are our values.

An example:

The statement on one yellow wristband is 'Safety and Dignity 4 All'. This group supports the value of  'inherent worth and dignity of every person' and that we need 'justice, equity and compassion in human relations.'

It shows support and solidarity with those who have been the object of harsh language and bullying behavior in the recent 2016 political campaign.

For more information about this idea,  please contact tomulrich41 @ gmail .com